1. The information collected on this form is for the use of course registration, account servicing of course-related activities and / or for application of course-related funding (only if applicable) to respective funding-related agencies / bodies / organisations (SSG).
  2. COSEM Safety & Security Services Pte Ltd is committed on maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information and undertakes not to reveal applicant’s information to any 3rd party (other than the funding-related agencies and / or authorised data intermediaries by COSEM) without prior consent of the applicant.
  3. The registration form and payment must be submitted address stated below at least 2 weeks before commencement of the course.

    COSEM Safety & Security Services Pte Ltd

    37 Gul Avenue, Singapore 629677

  4. All prices for the course are subjected to GST (Goods and Services Tax).

    Please refer to “PAYMENT METHODS” for the various payment options that we accept.

  5. The course schedule selected is subjected to confirmation. COSEM reserves the right to withdraw or re-schedule the class without prior notice.
  6. Trainee shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions of any applicable funding scheme as approved by COSEM.

    For funded Courses (e.g., SSG) a trainee may be permitted to pay upfront only a portion of the course fee (less the potential amount) at the point of application. In the event that the trainee fails to meet any of the requirements set under the funding scheme (as stated below or otherwise) or has been granted funding for the same course before, and thereby resulting that his / her application for funding claim is rejected by the respective funding agency due to any reasons, the trainee is liable to pay the balance of the course fee (i.e. the potential funding amount) to COSEM or to the relevant funding agency:

    • Trainee achieves less than the minimum attendance required by the course.
    • Trainee fails to sit for the required examinations / assessment. (where applicable)
    • Trainee fails the required examinations and assessment. (where applicable)
  7. In the event that the course is cancelled, COSEM will send a notification e-mail to the participants 3 days before the course commencement.
  8. Due to the current situation, participants are required to wear a short-sleeve, long-sleeve T-shirt, or company overall (if available), comfortable long track-pants and covered shoes for hygiene purpose when they attended the course. (For All courses except IIMP)
  9. Participant is required to fill up a Self-Assessment Checklist & Declaration Form, if he/she intends to attend the following courses:
  10. WSQ Respond to Fire Incident in Workplace

    WSQ Respond to Fire Emergency in Buildings

    WSQ Respond to Fire & Hazmat Emergency in Industries

    CERT Refresher

    The Self-Assessment Checklist & Declaration Form / Certificate of Fitness with medical report (if any) is to be submitted to COSEM 2 weeks before the course commencement.

  11. Trainees are required to download QR Reader in their mobile phone as attendance will be digitally taken. However, hard copy attendance is still applicable as backup. Apply for a Singpass if you have not done so.
  12. Participants who as assessed as competent at the end of the course can obtain their SOA E-certificate from SkillsConnect. SOA issuance is via SSG electronic certificate (e-cert) system only. Trainee assessed as having ‘PASSED’ the course will receive a notification if contact information is provided. For SOA, trainees have to download and print using Singpass ID and password at www.skillsconnect.gov.sg about 3-4 weeks after assessment date.
  13. Delivery Policy – Once registration received, COSEM will send you the course confirmation within 7 working days.
  14. Data Security – When you submit your registration, SSL (TLS 1.0) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. Furthermore, all of the customer data we collected is protected against unauthorized access.