Fire and Rescue Products

SICOR Firefighting Helmet – VFR EVO

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Main applications:

  • During crash accidents in which various danger may occur (explosions, collapses, splinters, contact with chemicals etc.)
  • During structural fires with extremely high temperatures, falling of debris, flash-over phenomena and poor visibility
  • During outdoors fires with extreme temperatures due to radiant heat phenomena and potential caustic or explosive materials

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Located on both sides of the shell, the helmet has a universal connection for two-point gas masks, which are individually adjustable, making it compatible with all the masks on the market and creates an efficient and safe mask/helmet combination. The face shields and eye screen, certified according to EN 14458 and EN 166 Standards, are of the highest optical quality (optical class 1).

Resistant to high temperatures, they safely protect the eyes and face from high heat, electricity, particles and liquid chemicals. The two external levers allow for easy handling of the screen while wearing gloves, avoiding contact with the shield, face and eyes of the user.