Fire Fighting and Rescue Simulators - Design and Fabrication

We specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of Fire & Rescue Simulators, realistically replicating the heat, smoke and flames of a real emergency situation within the confines of a safe and controlled environment.

Fire Fighting Training Simulators

We offer a wide range of Fire Fighting Training Simulators customisable to your specific needs.  Simulation of different types of realistic fire scenarios can be configured and incorporated into buildings, in different parts of an aircraft, in car fires as well as in oil and gas refinery inferno, replicating almost true-to-life fire conditions.


Fire scenarios are incorporated into buildings to enhance the realism of fire-fighting training.

Special Features:

  • Emulates actual fire scenarios
  • Provides visual and actual fire-fighting training
  • Special effects allow fire personnel to understand the different scenarios in building fire


These are designed and built to simulate real car fire scenarios and to inject realism in vehicular fire training.  Fire personnel can be trained to respond to various types of vehicular fire condition.

Special Features:

  • Smoke effect
  • Simulation of different types of car fire, e.g. engine fire, trunk fire, spill fire
  • Adjustable fire intensity to emulate the intensity of vehicular burning


Our expertise includes modelling of an aircraft into footprint with aerodynamic details and provides fire scenarios in different parts of the aircraft.  Fire fighters can be trained in different types of aircraft fire scenarios.

Special Features:

  • Wing turbine fire
  • Rotary-wing engine fire
  • Wheel fire


Our expertise includes designing, fabrication, installation and incorporating various fire scenarios for the Oil & Gas industries.

These simulators train fire-fighters through realistic scenarios which simulate actual fire condition.

Special Features:

  • Pipe Rack and Pipe Track fires
  • Controlled explosion in Christmas Tree Simulators

Rescue Training Simulators

We offer custom designed and built Rescue Training Simulators for our customers.  Custom designed products like the Search and Rescue Maze for fire fighters and rescuers to adapt in confined area by crawling through obstacles in a controlled environment, is one such example.

We designed BA (Breathing Apparatus), Fitness Cum Stamina Building Simulation facility for fire fighters and rescuers to enhance their confidences and proficiency in using BA sets while executing physically strenuous and demanding activities.


A special search and rescue equipment for training fire fighters to crawl through obstacles in a dark environment.

This equipment is equipped with optional add-on features like obstacles in the form of tunnel, cat ladder, hatches and many other restricted cross-sections.

Special Features:

  • Easy maintenance and assembly
  • Reusable and easily convertible to different setups
  • Smoke effect
  • Raised temperature environment


Breathing Apparatus is critical, almost sacrosanct aspect of every fire fighter’s personal protective equipment which enables them to operate in hazardous smoke-logged environment.  Hence it is paramount that the fire fighters are confident and proficient in breathing through the BA set while executing physically strenuous and demanding activities.

The entire BA Fitness Cum Stamina Building Simulation Facility is primarily designed with this in mind.  It is a self-driven heavy duty mechanized system of fitness cum stamina building stations that has been designed to make the fire fighters go through what he/she might face during a typical rescue operation: such as running (during critical moment that demands swift exiting from hazard zone), climbing, pulling / clearing obstacles etc.

Impact Machine

Specially designed features of the Impact machine enables complete pull down training.

  • Programmable controlled to track number of repetitions performed.
  • Able to track complete pull down.
  • Challenges and trains the upper body power necessary for excavation of victims in an actual rescue situation.

Our Specially programmed bicycle that is able to capture the speed attained.

Special features:

  • Alarm system to capture speed attained
  • Notifies and captures failure
  • Preset resistance on the paddle of the bicycle station trains the thigh power
  • Helps in performing ladder scaling and victim excavation situations
Endless Ladder

  • Special features running on dedicated programme to control the amount of ladder climb
  • Safety features with interlock.
  • Tracks and records distance climbed and duration taken

Specially modified and programmed to deliver the best training available for

  • Programmable controlled functions to track the timing and distance Travelled over a specific time.
  • Safety features with interlock.

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