Safeguarding Solar Energy Systems: PVStop - Your Advanced Fire Mitigation Solution

Jun 30, 2023

Solar energy is a rapidly growing renewable power source, harnessing the light and heat from the sun to generate electricity.
Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, play a vital role in capturing solar energy.
As the demand for clean and sustainable energy rises, solar panel installations are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.
However, it is essential to address potential fire risks associated with these systems.

Mitigating Solar Panel Fires with PVStop
PVStop is a fire retardant solution that is non-conductive, allowing it to be used in
fire and emergency situations.

An electrical arc at the panel can be difficult to extinguish during daylight.
PVStop will disable the panel, stop the arc and extinguish any flame.

PVStop provides several key benefits for risk mitigation.
Firstly, it can swiftly render panels to be electrically safe while acting as a fire retardant solution.
Secondly, the PVStop spray delivery system allows users to cover solar panels in a matter of seconds.
The fire retardant solution blocks light to the PV cells upon contact.
The isolation process is completed as soon as the coating has been applied across the middle 40% of the solar panel array, rendering the solar panel system electrically safe.
Lastly, once the coating has dried, PVStop can be easily peeled off by hand.
The coating does not contain any adhesives and does not damage solar panels in any way.

As solar energy installations continue to rise, it is crucial to address the potential fire risks associated with solar panel systems.
By incorporating PVStop, solar panel installations can operate with enhanced safety and security, ensuring a reliable and sustainable solar energy experience.

COSEM is the exclusive local distributor for PVStop.
Contact us to find out how PVStop can aid you in times of emergency, ensuring safety for both you and your assets.