Importance of Understanding Work at Height (WAH) Regulations

Understanding Work-At-Height (WAH) regulations is of paramount significance in Singapore, where workplace safety is governed by the comprehensive framework of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act and regulations.

A good comprehension of these regulations is vital to proactively address the emerging challenges of today's rapidly evolving work landscape. Working at height inevitably involves risks, particularly falls, which can lead to severe injuries or even fatal outcomes. Adhering to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulations ensures the integration of advanced safety measures such as enhanced fall protection systems, effectively mitigating these hazards.

Furthermore, enforcing these rules in the workplace fosters a culture of shared responsibility and collaboration. Employers, supervisors, and workers collectively shoulder distinctive responsibilities in upholding a safe environment. A knowledge of regulations guides employers to provide the necessary training to

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Strengthening Business Resilience: The Vital Role of TERPs in Singapore

In Singapore's rapidly evolving business landscape, transportation remains a critical component that propels companies forward.
However, unforeseen emergencies can jeopardise operations, employee safety, and a company's reputation.

Transport Emergency Response Plan (TERP) is a strategic imperative that fuels business resilience. Beyond compliance, TERP empowers companies to safeguard their employees, uphold their reputation, and maintain operational continuity during crises. The synergy of preparedness and adaptability in TERPs establishes a robust safety net, shielding businesses from the uncertainties of the transportation landscape and ensuring sustainable business success in an ever-changing world.

Establishing and adhering to TERP, gives businesses the upper hand in the market through the following ways:

1. Ensuring Safety and Security
With employee well-being at the core, TERPs enable companies to proactively address potential transportation-related

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Safeguarding Solar Energy Systems: PVStop - Your Advanced Fire Mitigation Solution

Solar energy is a rapidly growing renewable power source, harnessing the light and heat from the sun to generate electricity.
Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, play a vital role in capturing solar energy.
As the demand for clean and sustainable energy rises, solar panel installations are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.
However, it is essential to address potential fire risks associated with these systems.

Mitigating Solar Panel Fires with PVStop
PVStop is a fire retardant solution that is non-conductive, allowing it to be used in
fire and emergency situations.

An electrical arc at the panel can be difficult to extinguish during daylight.
PVStop will disable the panel, stop the arc and extinguish any flame.

PVStop provides several

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COSEM Safety & Security Services has been conferred the prestigious National Service (NS) Advocate Award (2021)

Mr Anthony Pek, General Manager, COSEM Safety & Security Services, shared, “It has been a great honour for COSEM to receive the NS Advocate Award - we are proud to support NS and our Operationally Ready NSmen in Singapore’s nation-building initiatives. Singapore is our home, and Total Defence requires a collective effort. Everyone, including companies and organisations, has a part to play and must be committed to make Singapore a safe home for us and the generations of our future.”

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Invitation to COSEM by QISARG to observe and assess their joint USAR with Qatar Civil Defence and Oman National Search and Rescue Team

Deputy Team Leader, Major Ahmad Al-Kuwari, expressed his appreciation during the debrief session, “Thank you COSEM for the details and recommendations as well as sharing of your experience.”

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Successful fire safety management webinar in collaboration with the Union of Security Employees (USE)

With the theme “Holistic Approach to Fire Safety: Protect, Prepare, Respond!”, the informative webinar featured three subject experts speaking in their respective fields of “Protect”, “Prepare” and “Respond” and was well-received by the participants.

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Successful Webinar on Solar Panel Safety Organised by COSEM Safety & Security Services

In collaboration with the Institute of Fire Engineers Singapore (IFE), COSEM Safety and Security Services organised a very successful webinar on Solar Panels & the DC Danger Zone – Reducing Risk Factors for First Responders on 30 September 2021.

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COSEM Safety & Security Services receives a Certificate of Commendation from UAE Civil Defence

COSEM Safety & Security Services is honoured to have received a Certificate of Commendation presented by Major General (Dr) Jasim Mohammed Al Marzooqi, General Commander of the UAE Civil Defence at a recent UAE Civil Defence Academy’s Basic Firefighting Course graduation ceremony.

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