Hazardous Materials (HazMat), such as Toxic Industrial Chemicals, released into the surroundings may pose a wide range of physical health and environmental hazards.

COSEM Safety & Security Services’ HazMat specialists are experienced responders who have received professional training in SCDF and have responded to various types of HazMat incidents and chemical spills.

Our HazMat response will help reduce your liability, exposure and potentially save lives.

HazMat Mitigation, Decontamination & Recovery Operations

Our HazMat Emergency Response Team provides a range of operational support including:

  • On-site chemical identification and risk assessment;
  • Advice on appropriate PPE, HazMat zoning, isolation distance, mitigation methods and decontamination;
  • Mitigation using physical and chemical methods such as spill containment, leak sealing, dilution and transfer;
  • Conduct decontamination using specialised equipment and recovery of the affected site;
  • Clean up and remediation measures following an incident; and
  • Disposal of chemical in accordance with NEA guidelines.

HazMat Responders Escort and Standby

Our experienced HazMat Responders are able to provide escort services during the transportation of HazMat.

This service will also include standby to provide emergency response during the pre and post-transportation or delivery of the assigned HazMat.