COSEM Safety & Security Services offers fire and emergency response services. These services are performed by highly capable and experienced emergency responders.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as a credible and reliable fire and emergency services provider having been engaged to provide emergency response services (e.g. firefighting, HazMat, rescue and medical services) for several leading industry players and major events in Singapore.

Fire and Rescue Standby

Firefighting standby ensures effective response to a fire emergency.

Working in confined spaces and at height are some of the most dangerous tasks in the industry. Our rescue specialists are ready to be on standby for critical operations such as confined space work and even extended shut down.

We have previously been deployed for several confined space rescue standby operations, F1 fire response team standby and even post-firefighting operations (damping down) for large or extended fire operations.

Fire Safety Enforcement Checks

Building owners are required to ensure that their buildings meet the fire safety requirements. They should carry out Fire Safety inspections for their buildings regularly.

During our fire safety inspections, all means of escape will be thoroughly checked to make sure that there are no obstructions, the firefighting systems (such as portable fire extinguishers, rising mains, hose reels, fire alarm systems, sprinklers, lifts, exit lighting and exit signs, voice communication systems and the fire command centre) will also be checked to make sure that they are in good working conditions.

At the end of our inspection, a comprehensive report with recommendations for follow-up actions will be presented to the building owner.

Provision of In-house Emergency Response Teams

COSEM Safety & Security Services has been engaged to provide in-house emergency response personnel at various working levels (such as managers, supervisors, coordinators, trainers and team members) to several leading Oil & Gas and Aviation industry players.

Whether it is an oil refinery, chemical plant or aircraft hangar, our emergency responders will be able to perform firefighting, rescue and HazMat control operations to suit your needs and requirements.