Training Courses & Programmes

Integrated Company Security and Safety Officer Course (CSSO)


This course will cross-train participants in fundamental security and safety knowledge and skills. Participants will also learn how to use them in an integrated manner when handling incidents or responding to emergencies at the workplace.


  • Security Incident Management and Relevant Laws
  • Fire Safety Awareness and Hazard Recognition
  • Basic Fire Fighting and Rescue Techniques
  • Use of PPE and Breathing Apparatus
  • First Aid and CPR/AED

Who Should Attend

  • Auxiliary Police Officers
  • Auxiliary Police Officers (Enforcement)
  • Certified Security Officers.


  • 2 Days / 16 Hours, Inclusive of 2 Hour Assessment.
  • 16 Participants per class.

Course Fees

  • $490.00 (Excluding GST)
  • Eligible for WSQ Funding
  • Lunch and Tea Breaks included.

Course Details

Venue COSEM Training Centre
37 Gul Avenue Singapore 629677
Duration 2 days
Capacity 16 participants per class
Fee (Include 7% GST) S$490.00 per participant
For enquiry/booking Call:+65 6773 9305