We conduct training needs analysis and design customised training courses in firefighting, USAR and HazMat for an international mix of participants.

Civil Defence Academy (CDA) International Courses

Working in close collaboration with the premier Civil Defence Academy of the SCDF, we offer a variety of training courses to international organisations and participants.

In high demand by the international organisations and participants, we administer the following courses that are conducted by our Civil Defence Academy:

  • International Urban Search and Rescue Course – This course is designed to train international participants on the tactics and techniques of conducting search and rescue operations in an urban setting
  • International HAZMAT Response Course – This course is designed to train participants on the procedures and techniques of conducting rescue and mitigating operations involving hazardous materials
  • International Firefighting Course – This course is design to train participants on the tactics and techniques of rescue and firefighting operations in structures and industrial settings

Trainers Attachment

We are able to provide Trainers to be attached on-site on a long-term basis with the client’s training institution in order to ensure an efficient transfer of knowledge, skills and competencies. Our Trainers will evaluate the training needs of the institution, develop the lesson plans and materials, conduct the training and assessment exercises as well as, if required, mentor the officers who have been identified to become trainers (as part of the transition to handover the training to the client).