We assist organisations to develop emergency response plans and capabilities such as firefighting, USAR and HazMat to prepare them for emergencies.

Capability Development Projects

We are able to provide consultancy & training services to organisations intending to develop Civil Defence capabilities, such as firefighting, urban search and rescue (USAR) and HazMat response. For example, where the organisation wishes to obtain the INSARAG External Classification (IEC) for USAR capability, COSEM Safety & Security Services will evaluate the current state of compliance with the United Nations IEC Guidelines and advise the organisation on the necessary steps to close the gaps for the IEC.

We have prepared and trained the following organisations to successfully undergo and achieve IEC:

  • Oman National Search and Rescue Team in 2012;
  • UAE Urban Search and Rescue Team in 2013;
  • Saudi Arabian Search and Rescue Team in 2015;
  • Qatar Search and Rescue Team in 2015; and
  • Indonesia National Search and Rescue Team in 2019

In general, the consultancy & training services for capability development projects may include:

  • Evaluate current status & establish gaps
  • Discuss & develop response concept & doctrines
  • Discuss & develop organisation & structure, roles & functions, etc
  • Prepare standing operating procedures & operational plans
  • Design & develop training facilities & simulators
  • Assist to acquire appropriate equipment
  • Conduct progressive training
  • Conduct assessment exercises

Emergency Preparedness Exercises & Audits

With extensive expertise and experience in exercise planning and management at both strategic and operational levels, we have worked with various government ministries and organisations on the design and conduct of Table-Top Exercises, Command Post Exercises and Full Deployment Exercises since 2008. These exercises are conducted and simulated through carefully planned scenarios with narratives, situation updates and exercise injects.

Additionally, we can assist organisations to assess the level of operational readiness through stringent audits. For example, we have worked with the People’s Association to develop an audit framework with relevant checklists to assess the level of operational readiness of their grassroots network.