Consultancy on Fire Safety & CD Systems

Fire Safety Services

Fire Safety Audit

Owners of building are required to ensure that their buildings meet the fire safety requirements. They should carry out Fire Safety Audit for their buildings regularly. During the fire safety audit, all means of escape will be thoroughly checked to make sure that there is no obstruction, the fire fighting systems such as portable fire extinguishers, rising main, hose reel system, electrical fire alarm system, sprinkle system and lifts will also be checked to make sure that they are in good working condition, other systems such as exit lighting and exit signs, voice communication system, fire command centre etc will also be checked.

COSEM is able to provide this service. All its officers who are experienced fire officers are able to help the building owners to conduct a thorough fire safety audit and also put comprehensive report and recommendations to the owners after the audit.

Emergency Response Plan

It is a regulatory requirement for holder of a license (who store or keep any petroleum or flammable material or both at the premises specified in his license) to prepare and keep an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to deal with any spillage, leakage, accidental discharge or emergency which may arise from the storage of petroleum or flammable material at the premises. The Emergency Response Plan must be prepared in accordance with to the guidelines given by SCDF and submitted to Commissioner SCDF for approval.

COSEM has a pool retired SCDF senior officers who have vast experience in preparing the Emergency Response Plan and can assist the company to prepare this plan as well as to get it approved by Commissioner SCDF.

Fire Evacuation Plan

Fire Evacuation Plan spells out the procedures of evacuation to be carried out by the staff and general public in the event of fire in high-rise buildings. All high-rise buildings are required to have this plan.

COSEM can help the owners of the buildings to prepare this plan as well as to conduct the evacuation drill.

Civil Defence System

Training & Consultancy

International Search And Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) External Classification (IEC)

COSEM provides training consultancy services to urban search and rescue (USAR) teams that want to take part in the INSARAG External Classification (IEC). There are different levels of IECs – light, medium and heavy which require different skills sets of the USAR Teams. The IEC Guidelines define USAR Teams as having the operational capability for technical search and rescue operations in structure collapse incidents i.e. capable of breaking, breaching and cutting concrete typically found in suburban areas.  Heavy Teams have to operate 2 work sites simultaneously and cut through a thicker reinforced concrete as well as metal plates/beams. They would also require the additional K9 search support.   Classified Heavy USAR Teams responding to an affected country must be operational ready to travel to the affected country within 10 hours of activation. 

Abu Dhabi IEC USAR Team (In Abu Dhabi)

COSEM provides consultancy in designing the training simulation sites, preparing and conducting the training including the 36-hour exercise to prepare the USAR Teams for the IECs. COSEM has UNDAC-trained officers and consultants who have prepared and trained international USAR Teams to successfully undergo and achieve IEC such as:                     

  • The Singapore SCDF Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) in 2008 and 2014 Reclassification 
  • United Arab Emirates, UAE USAR Team - Medium in 2009
  • Sultanate of Oman, National Search & Rescue Team (NSRT) - Medium in 2012 USAR Audit Consultancy in 2014
  • United Arab Emirates, UAE USAR Team - Medium to Heavy in 2013
  • Saudi Arabia, Saudi Search & Rescue Team (SASART) - Heavy in 2015
  • Qatar, Qatar Search & Rescue Team (QSART) - Heavy in 2015

COSEM consultants evaluate the current state of compliance with UN IEC Preparedness Guidelines and advise the teams on the necessary steps and measures to close the gaps for the IEC Assessment. The Consultants also help the teams to prepare their USAR standing operating procedures (SOPs), operational plans (Ops Plans), maximize the use of their training facilities, mentoring and training experienced officers with skills and competencies to become trainers and exercise planners and preparing and training the USAR Teams through a series of progressive training consisting of Management, Communications, Logistics, Medical, Safety and Security, Search (K9) and Rescue  and conduct regular 36-hour exercises to prepare teams to undergo the UN IEC Assessments.

Oman (ROP) IEC USAR Team (In Oman)

HAZMAT Response Capability Development

COSEM provides training consultancy services to countries and agencies that want to develop Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) response capabilities to deal with Hazmat Incidents. The training consultancy services include the installation of Hazmat training simulators and the training of operators on training simulators and equipment and vehicles. Hazmat incidents are classified under nine different classes within the UN Classification System. This includes flammable gases, liquids and solids, poisonous and toxic substances, radioactive materials and corrosives, to name a few. There are also established international guidelines in dealing with Hazmat, for example, NFPA 471 (Recommended Practices for Responding to Hazmat Incidents) and NFPA 472 (Professional Competence of Responders to Hazmat Incidents).

COSEM helps countries and agencies to develop their overall Hazmat response concept and doctrine, team structure and organisation, operational roles and functions, contingency plans; acquire proper equipment and vehicles for Hazmat training and operations; and conduct training and exercise activities to build up their Hazmat response capabilities. Today, COSEM is engaged in helping the Oman Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) to develop their Hazmat response capabilities by Dec 2015

Trainers Attachment

As part of the value-added service to our clients, COSEM provides Consultants and Trainers who are based on-site with the countries and agencies in order to ensure an efficient transfer of knowledge, skills and competences and the successful implementation of the project deliverables. This includes the design and installation of the specialist training simulators and the training of the operators on these simulators. In this way, our Consultants and Trainers in fact are holding the hands of the clients’ operators during the execution of the project to ensure that they understand the operational procedures and processes and acquire the skills and competences to operate on their own when the Consultants and Trainers have left the scene and are not around. In addition, the COSEM Consultants and Trainers conduct training and exercises develop the lesson plans and the training and exercise plans; and mentor the officers who have been identified to become trainers and exercise planners to acquire the knowledge, skills and competences to perform their roles and functions.

Emergency Preparedness

COSEM has experienced and ACTA Certified specialised consultants who conduct Emergency Preparedness Training and Exercises. We have been conducting both Table-Top Exercise (TTXs) and Inject-Based Exercises (IBXs) for both Government Ministries in Singapore and Commercial entities since 2008. These exercises are conducted and simulated through carefully planned scenarios with narratives, situation updates and exercise injects. Exercise injects in real-life forms are used, for example, breaking news on TV, reports and phone calls from higher management or information from lower- level players. These exercises can also involve tactical deployment of the exercised units’ supporting and related agencies.

COSEM with its research team with specialist expertise can develop scenarios that consist of challenging series of linked incidents that are logical and possible. We can also develop and audit systems that are designed to stimulate the development of a new and untried system, designed for extreme circumstances.

Systems Review

COSEM provides fire safety, fire fighting and emergency systems review in government, commercial and industrial organisations. We can conduct scoping studies on emergency response capacity, covering fire fighting, rescue, fire safety, incident management and ambulance services. We can also customise the scoping studies according to the organisations’ objectives.

COSEM can send a team of experienced officers to conduct the studies. The Multi-disciplinary team will focus on understanding the current state of readiness in the organisation and chart the strategies to enhance the immediate and long-term operational capabilities.

At the end of the system review, a Guiding Manual with inputs that can enhance the organisation’s preparedness in times of emergency will be provided.


COSEM is able to prepare your CERT for the SCDF CERT Audit. With our team of experienced consultants and trainers, we are able to conduct the pre-CERT Audit which will involve the following areas:-

  1. Checking of Emergency Staff Aids
  2. Checking of Equipment Readiness and Maintenance System
  3. Conducting skills training for ERT members
  4. Checking of ERP and other related documents required by SCDF during the SCDF CERT Audit
  5. Discussion on the scenario that will be used for the SCDF Audit
  6. Conducting simulated Fire/HazMat exercise based on the scenario stated in the ERP
  7. Conducting a debrief after the stimulated exercise.
  8. Submission of debrief report

The duration of the pre-CERT Audit is 4 hours. The fee is $1,800.00 (excluding 7% GST) per session.


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